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Well well well its been a long ass time since ive been posting stuff on Newgroudns and deviant art and i would like to appologize for that because i was too busy with college and all that good stuff but no worries i have LOOOOOTTS Of time~!
Akari Akazaki (Smirk and Cries) [V1] Because TODAY THe FiggiN ScHool just FRIGGIN CLOSED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!!!!

Lovely Shoujo (Total shock) [V4] Oh dear lord why this crap had to happened too me like fucks sakes , i mean i was planing to finishing my bachelors in software development but looks like i cant do that.

At first i was like:
Joon: Bitch Please Im Fabulous XD "HAAAA!!! Looks like THIS GUY JUST DODGE A BULLET!!!"

Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] Yup thats right, No lie but "luckily" i graduated like 2 mouths ago with an associate so ill "just switch" and continue my bachelors at another school......
Big Fool Emoji-19 (You done) [V2] but then i a frightening thought came up....

Hibiya Amamiya (Don't tell me...) [V8] What if no college will accept any of my credits and my associates degree; that i spent two years being anti-social, is absolutely worthless!

Makoto Naegi (Frighten and Shocked) [V2] "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU----!!!!"

Kyou Angry Icon Ahh those two years i put in man i hope it wont be all for nothing, but i heard that there will be a "loan forgiveness" something and i hope there not pulling my leg....

Tenma Tsukamoto (It's hopeless now) [V1]  BUT STILL!!! Even though i MIGHT get this "forgiveness" that still TWO WHOLE YEARS of hard work and dedication focusing on my studies and neglecting my hobbies!! Good lord man, i even made DEANS LIST in software development and boy that was hard work!

:iconlazypoolplz:I dont know man its kinda fucked up to take someones hard work and just throw it in the garbage....
GUAAHHHHHH FUUUCKK MAAAN!!! This is Absolute bullshit!
Kudryavka Noumi (Depressed) [V2]  *sigh* sorry for not being myself its just i need to vent out and you have no idea how disappointed i feel man i feel like not going to college anymore, Hell if thee ITT Tech is closing down then whos next....

*sigh* but you know what this is a huge eye opener for me. I should do stuff that i would absolutely enjoy doing and that is drawing and making small games... For now on im going back to be 100% dedicated to Newgrounds AND DeviantArt because i refuse to being start over for another two years playing it safe just to get a good paying job in a cubical or somthing...I still going to get my bachelors buts for now i think i should prepare for the worse and just do the things i really enjoy...
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 :bademoticon: Sorry i haven’t uploaded anything or responding messages late ;___:
 its because I have to create a website and manage a database for some company and this will take up most of my time :(.

Tenma Tsukamoto (It's hopeless now) [V1]OHMYGEERRRD!! im getting so many FRIGGIN headaches from all the coding   @_@
I drew LOTS of things but i would like to color them in photoshop and you know how long that usually takes . Kyou Fujibayashi Emote (Clannad) - Unimpressed 

Kyou Wink Icon So yeah i will be inactive until the end of Match.......
Kyou Angry Icon but i think i have to make another website or database after this one......
UUGGGHH DANGGIT!!Youhei Sunohara (Losing my mind) [V1] 
Chiya Smiling Icon  But  I will still try my best to upload and respond to yall messages and comments~!
Meiko Honma Menma (Good Morning) So yeah thanks for taking the time to read this, yaay.~ heheheheheh......*sigh*
Im sorry for being so idled for couple of mouths it just that a lot of stuff is happening and i have to admit i am feeling very low right now but i guess i calm down a bit.... First off I would like to thank beowolf666 on NG for teaming up and making this flash VN. Your such an excellent writer and this flash game won't be possible without your help. Also the people who played the game, I didn’t expect so much positive feed back it really made me happy. So again sorry for my idleness its just that right now im just in a very very very bad situation and its really hard to coup with. I will try to be more active for now on.... oh yeah also i got a DRAWING TABLET PEN REPLACEMENT~

So sorry ^^;
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Chiyo Sway Icon  I wanted to challenge myself or something like that Soooo~ i decided to draw 100 traditional drawings XD.
 For now on i will no longer wast my time playing video games, watching TV, reading  comics, social media, etc. until i reach 100 drawings in total.....
Chiyo Blushing Icon Of course i will work on the things i already working on like that VN im doing with that guy on NG.....
bunneh icon1I just want a "level up" on my traditional drawing skills.....

 So yeah, looks like ill be a zombie for a whilebunneh icon17
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:bademoticon: my goodness im sorry guys i was REALLY REALLY REALLY busy with college and i didnt have the chance to do anything productive because of work and tests. But now im FINALLY on my break....
Tenma Tsukamoto (It's hopeless now) [V1]GOODNESS you have NOO idea how tired i am 3_3

:bademoticon:  Im very sorry i did promise that i will be making my Visual Novel or somthing but right now im busy with another project
:bademoticon:  im doing with a friend of mines on Newgrounds and we are creating a................... Visual Novel XD
Yeah i know im weird like that but i dont know I LOVE the idea of this Visual Novel i cant possibly turn it down XD
so yeah im sorry about that promise.... but at least im still making a visual novel at the end of the day

the dude name is beowolf666 (Newgrounds)
Really good writer indeed *nods*

Well that’s my current flash project im working on right now

Akari Akazaki (Oh yay) [V2] Oh yeah also my birthday past now so im 19 XD so ill be doing....19 year old things (what ever that is)

Well ill be uploading some stuff now so yeah....
:bademoticon: Until next time
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Taiga Aisaka (Melt) [V1] Yeah im sorry for not uploading nothing for a month i was to busy in college so please excuse my lameness.

Akari Akazaki (Oh yay) [V2] Also im finished working on a that dressup flash game i was talking about last mouth and man that toook me LONGER then i expected. Its WAY diffrent working on a flash project or drawing somthing in highschool. College take out lots of your time dude well i guess it was worth it ....
Kai : Hipsbecause I GOT HIGH HONOR ROLL for having a GPA over 3.8!
When they call my name i was at disbeliefCho Kyuhyun Shocked  
In my head i was going BANANAS Seungri Giggle 
But i got up walk and get my certificate people looking at me and I sat down like "pfft this is nothing" Well Sehun
OHMYGEEERRD DUDE i NEVER had an honor roll since the 1st grade! IM DEAD ASS SERIOUS!
I know walking up looking and acting cool was bad but i was making C's snd F's no matter how hard i try though out my school life so YOU DAMN RIGHT im taking the full advantage of that situation XD
Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Neko Girl) [V5]  I feel soo cool getting that paper dude XD (lol im so lame as always) 

Kyouko Toshinou (Adorable Sparkle) [V2] Oh yeah almost forgot im making ANOTHER flash project but it wont be a game more like a Visual Novel. Dont know when ill be finished but im trying to at least finished it before September 1st

Manaka Mukaido (Happy) [V1] Well that about it see you guys
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Lovely Shoujo (Total shock) [V4] Well my summer vacation week is over and the 2nd quarter is tomorrow....

Momo Kisaragi (Disaster Disaster) [V8] UGHHHHHHHHHHH~ DAMMIT
Hibiya Amamiya (Don't tell me...) [V8] and i was almost done with my Dress up game

sigh *Sigh*
well looks like i didnt reach my deadline, oh well...
but i will finish it and upload it. thats a promise

  Also im reviving my comic(s) back to life and things are going good so far. Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2]
It made me smile to open my notebooks of scripts and drawings.
LOL wow there was scripts since i was in 8th-12th. Damn like dude reading all those scripts made me feel like im old or something heheheh
Racing Girl Emoji (Rolling) [V3] A Lot of them made me laugh and some made me like "damn these stories are so corny and lame ^~^" it was kinda embarrassing but overall it made me smile.
Karen Kujou Emote (Kiniro Mosaic) - HappySo yeah im planning to make a comic....well...uh...visual novel since i found it easier and quicker to do.
I want my visual novel to be done before i turn 19 years old.
So yeah uhhhh thats that...

It kinda sucks that school is tomorrow but at least i can see my friends again.
 The first thing i'll do on the first day is Go to one of those epic college parties because were freshmens Exo : Yixing Derp Dance

Joon: Bitch Please Im Fabulous XD OH YEAH TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!! >.<

Just kidding, im not a party type of person
Tamako Kitashirakawa (Thinking) [V1] ugh i cant believe i said "turn down for what" *shivers*

Youhei Sunohara (Stretching Plan) [V1] Well i guess ill get ready for school tomorrow  
Alice Cartalet Emote - Falling Asleep*sigh* See you guys XD
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Fuko Ibuki (Sho many starfish) [V1] Wow i never know ill ever reach this milestone so i would like to thank you guys a bunch
*sniff* *sniff*Yukimura-cry (Yumikura)  yall make me feel so important :,) ...
Well now that i reach this milestone now i have to get off my ass and start making more stuff XD. Also im thinking about making a flash game to show my appreciation or somthing like that...sadly it will be a dress up game but its something simple and quick i can do since i have final tests and projects this week in college. :iconlazypoolplz:

LOL usually when i see people reach 1000 views or something they do something like a raffle, contest or something like that...
But sadly at the moment im broke.... Elsie (Crying) [V1] sorry :S

Tohru Honda (Cheery) [V1]Well thats about it....Thank you guy for everything It REALLY Mean A LOT 
Well time to get off my ass and start working hard Ryuko matoi 
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Cry forever  Oh My GOSH!!!!! my tablet pen *sniff* *sniff* MY PEN *sniff* i messed it up and i just got It last month too *sniff* 
i was trying to finish this awesome drawing with my drawing tablet like around 1:30AM and i like totally zombied out (I fell asleep ^~^; )

when the sun came up and burns my eyes i wake up while mumbling to myself...Then i turn my head at a 67 degree radius my drawing tablet pen was underneath my arm... 

i squint my eyes *_*
and i realize the side of the pen was crackedAkari Akazaki (Smirk and Cries) [V1] 

i wipe my eyes at disbelief and check really did cracked!Yui Hirasawa (Shocked) [V2] 


and that morning i cried while eating my frosted flakes and went to schoolRacing Girl Emoji (Running Cry) [V2]

Depressed Damn i was having sooooo much fun with my drawing tablet got dammit!
but at lease the tablet itself is okay.... but still this will diffidently slow my progress
sigh *sigh* i guess ill have to buy another pen
Note to self: Don't draw while falling asleep :iconfacepalmplz:

Well looks like i have to switch medias and go back to traditional art...
But no worries i LOVE TRADITIONAL more than anything else!Meiko Honma Menma (Excited) [V1] 
but still i have no tablet...Kudryavka Noumi (Depressed) [V2] 

Well that my S.O.L. story for today and thanks for reading heheheheh...Meiko Honma Menma (Good Morning) 
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YES OMG ive been waiting for EONS for this drawing tablet Like oh my gosh dude you have NO IDEA what the crap i have to put up like seriouslyWhat Did You Just Say .

Yeah when i first made my order on the drawing tablet i bought mines from ebay and i waited like 2 weeks for this tablet. When i [EXO] Luhan Emoticon got my order i open the box not only it was the WRONG Model it was broken too *^* Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon 
so i made an complaint and it took them a week to respond back and long story short i returned it and got my money back. I got my refund 3 days later from the day it was issued. When i got my refund back i was SO frustrated that i just wasted like a week just cry  :iconlazypoolplz:

After i got a hold of myself i finally made a another order on amazon like last Thursday I waited and waited until today the delivery man came in...I open the package...[EXO] Xiumin Emoticon ...and there it was so beautiful *sniff*Rlytear . "I ABOUT TIME OH MY GOODNESS"yay  i yelled out. In total i believe i waited like 1 month and 1 week for that damn drawing tablet -__-; :iconfacepalmplz:  but my patience has paid off indeed *nods*

WHats this MEAN you say!!?!?!?!?! well i glad you ask:

Become a digital artist (about time)
And be Awesome

SO yeah im looking forward for more upcoming art games and stuff like that. And as always thanks for reading i love it 
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Yup today i have a wonderful first day of college today :D I LITERALLY helped everybody in class but i dont mind. If everything goes according to plan people will end up doing me favors, rule the classroom and eventually take over the worldEVIL Laughter! . But enough of that... Just want you guys or who ever reading this that im still waiting for my drawing tablet and on top of that i have college to worry about which means there wont be that much drawingsCURSE YOU! ... BUT FEAR NOT! Ill try to draw something when i have free time at home and during classesw00t!  so yeah.... just for the heads up ;)

Yeah im sorry for not login lately :( unfortunately i was going through some dumb stupid things and feeling down and stupid lately. Lots of things happen and that made me upset, but ill stop right there because im not a fan of making "ohh why me" type of posts and plus all that is in the past and im feeling better :D

Now thats out of the way ill explain why i wasn’t uploading any drawings :D ...well...
It looks like im staying here in texas which means i need to get my stuff all the way from georgia (which i didnt do yet)^_^; But dont worry im planning to buy a drawing tablet next week :happybounce:  so please bare with me CURSE YOU! 
And do keep in mind that i am working on a flash game ;) i just need to wait for the drawing tablet because traditional animated spites is a pain...

So yeah, please excuse my lameness and accept this pathetic excuse
Well first thing i would like to say Merry Christmas to all of you and i hope you guys have a epic day today ;) Well Im here visiting my family in Texas and i having a good time here :D This is my first time here being in Texas and i must say people down here talk a little different but they are very kind people i must say :D. My mom want me to visit her here in Texas to spend some time with my brothers and sister. Its been a while not seeing them and im so happy to be here right now :). But unfortunately...Im far away from my desktop computer and there is no scanner near me what so ever @_@. Which means i cant post any drawings and cant finish up my Flash game i was working on :( Most likely it will be the same thing when i was visiting my aunt in New Jersey. I wont able to upload nothing until i come back with my desktop computer and scanner in Georgia. So please don't think im being lazy not uploading drawings its just im not able to.

Well that's my excuse... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ;)
My trip in New Jersey has finally ended. Its been 3 months not working on flash project and uploading drawing. It drive me insane not uploading new but now im back with my sweet desktop computer and scanner :D. While i was in New Jersey i was drawing some sprites for my next flash game project and it is looking good. Also i drew some pictures and stuff so im going to upload those too. So yeah... good to be back indeed -.-;
Unfortunately im stuck here in New Jersey till November since my aunt have to stay in the hospital for a few days and I have to look over my little cousin so im stranded. Which mean i cant submit nothing new since im not home with my desktop computer and scanner. Its a bummer but i guess things happens *shrug* but hey, as long i have paper and pencil i can still draw some sprites for my next game and some awesome drawings its just there NO WAY i can post them...well i do have my phone but 2.0mp dont do much justice -_-; 

So yeah here is another excuse.

10TR!LL!ION Percent%
since i cant fall asleep at the moment i might as well make a post so here we go. Its October 1st....well, 2nd which means i will be on my way back to GA sadly :( but on the other side i am VERY glad because i can be with my handy-dandy desktop computer and my scanner! Oh my goodness you have no idea how annoying it is not doing anything for like a month. I dont know how people do it these days. Well, i did manage to do a little something here and there during the vacation but a little "here and there" is not enough for me =.= . What ill be working on when im back well gee-willikers i glad you ask. Im guessing another flash game and some sketches thats about it :/. Well thats about it

Good Night and good morning

10TR!LL!ION Percent%
Yeah my birthday was yesterday and i did have a good time with my family and now im staying with my aunt house for like 3 weeks but sadly there is NO scanner available which means i cant upload no drawings and i cant work on my next game :( so please dont think that im being lazy or something. But i will draw while im over here and when i come back i will upload all the drawings i did so please forgive me. I might be able to upload some old drawings but i dont know what i have on my flash drive *shrug* so yeah i hope this will clear some stuff up.
Yeah i know i didn't post anything but at the the time i was going through personal stuff like all human beings go through so sorry about that. I wont let that happen again.Well...let me not keep that promise :D
Yeah i have like a few more week of high school until i face the real world and to be honest i kinda fell nervous and lost :/. Feel like i REALLY messed out of high school cause i keep feeling sorry for my self... Dang i should of ask that girl to the prom lol :D. But I have to keep my head up and stuff. But yeah i have to star my senior project ALL OVER cause i have to format my portable hard drive. Yes i know the data is not completely lost but since im poor and i don't feel like doing it myself ill just start all over from scratch cause it will take too much times and i got like *counting fingers* 10 days left to get this done. SOOOO~ im going to do a simple flash Video and stuff like that. But yeah thats all i want to say

Is there any way to automatic put my lame ending bottom hash tag thingy cause im tiered of typing it down? Just a question ^_^?

10TR!LL!ION Percent%
Yeah sorry i didnt scan any drawings cause im doing this friggin project and its starting to be a pain in the posterior so yeah sorry ^_^;. What is it? I glad you ask! My senior is  on animation. Yeah i know what your thinking why i didnt post at lease one  picture on the gallery. well... I don t know you have to bear with me :D. But seriously i needs to get on this project cause i failed it last semester cause i thought it was like 15% of m grade or something but turns out it was a requirement so i got an incomplete for English and i dont want that to happen again.So yeah that run on sentence is my excuse but you will see that most of my posts like this ; just a warning. As soon i do this senior project   ill post some pictures and maybe my animation i made.

just keeping you posted and all that good stuff.
see yuhz later! and excuse my lame post tag thingy on the bottom.

10TR!LL!ION Percent%