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Well well well its been a long ass time since ive been posting stuff on Newgroudns and deviant art and i would like to appologize for that because i was too busy with college and all that good stuff but no worries i have LOOOOOTTS Of time~!
Akari Akazaki (Smirk and Cries) [V1] Because TODAY THe FiggiN ScHool just FRIGGIN CLOSED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!!!!

Lovely Shoujo (Total shock) [V4] Oh dear lord why this crap had to happened too me like fucks sakes , i mean i was planing to finishing my bachelors in software development but looks like i cant do that.

At first i was like:
Joon: Bitch Please Im Fabulous XD "HAAAA!!! Looks like THIS GUY JUST DODGE A BULLET!!!"

Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] Yup thats right, No lie but "luckily" i graduated like 2 mouths ago with an associate so ill "just switch" and continue my bachelors at another school......
Big Fool Emoji-19 (You done) [V2] but then i a frightening thought came up....

Hibiya Amamiya (Don't tell me...) [V8] What if no college will accept any of my credits and my associates degree; that i spent two years being anti-social, is absolutely worthless!

Makoto Naegi (Frighten and Shocked) [V2] "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU----!!!!"

Kyou Angry Icon Ahh those two years i put in man i hope it wont be all for nothing, but i heard that there will be a "loan forgiveness" something and i hope there not pulling my leg....

Tenma Tsukamoto (It's hopeless now) [V1]  BUT STILL!!! Even though i MIGHT get this "forgiveness" that still TWO WHOLE YEARS of hard work and dedication focusing on my studies and neglecting my hobbies!! Good lord man, i even made DEANS LIST in software development and boy that was hard work!

:iconlazypoolplz:I dont know man its kinda fucked up to take someones hard work and just throw it in the garbage....
GUAAHHHHHH FUUUCKK MAAAN!!! This is Absolute bullshit!
Kudryavka Noumi (Depressed) [V2]  *sigh* sorry for not being myself its just i need to vent out and you have no idea how disappointed i feel man i feel like not going to college anymore, Hell if thee ITT Tech is closing down then whos next....

*sigh* but you know what this is a huge eye opener for me. I should do stuff that i would absolutely enjoy doing and that is drawing and making small games... For now on im going back to be 100% dedicated to Newgrounds AND DeviantArt because i refuse to being start over for another two years playing it safe just to get a good paying job in a cubical or somthing...I still going to get my bachelors buts for now i think i should prepare for the worse and just do the things i really enjoy...
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September 6, 2016


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