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:bademoticon: my goodness im sorry guys i was REALLY REALLY REALLY busy with college and i didnt have the chance to do anything productive because of work and tests. But now im FINALLY on my break....
Tenma Tsukamoto (It's hopeless now) [V1]GOODNESS you have NOO idea how tired i am 3_3

:bademoticon:  Im very sorry i did promise that i will be making my Visual Novel or somthing but right now im busy with another project
:bademoticon:  im doing with a friend of mines on Newgrounds and we are creating a................... Visual Novel XD
Yeah i know im weird like that but i dont know I LOVE the idea of this Visual Novel i cant possibly turn it down XD
so yeah im sorry about that promise.... but at least im still making a visual novel at the end of the day

the dude name is beowolf666 (Newgrounds)
Really good writer indeed *nods*

Well that’s my current flash project im working on right now

Akari Akazaki (Oh yay) [V2] Oh yeah also my birthday past now so im 19 XD so ill be doing....19 year old things (what ever that is)

Well ill be uploading some stuff now so yeah....
:bademoticon: Until next time
NiniTheWeenie Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Ohhhh!!~~ lucky lucky!!~~ Anna squee 
unfortunately i just started school last week Mother of god  and its so tiring!!! i wish i could hide hide 
and what?? YOU DIDNT DO THE VISUAL NOVEL FOR ANOTHER?? the hell? What Did You Just Say llama stare 
lol, just kiddingomg cry 

anyway, i wish you lots of luck and such for that wonderful visual novel!!stare  i shall be cheering you on!
oh, whats it about anyway? im curious!! flail plz 
siinclaiir Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Enju Happy IconOH MY GOSH YEAH im glad im on break.....
but its only for a week  ;u;Mikoto Flustered Icon
Lol but yeah, thanks for the support XDRed Link Luv 
Chiyo Sway Icon and for the Visual novel im working on is a short thriller series
To be honest don’t completely know what its about but it has some really good dialogue
Hes the writer and im the programmer
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